Frequently Asked Questions

What is Varcity?

Varcity is a residential-over-retail, intergenerational living concept for older adults located on university campuses. Varcity eliminates generational separation and reinvents campus life by thoughtfully providing residents with access to a vibrant community, educational and recreational activities, and supportive services. Varcity started with the core conviction that people of all ages were meant to live in community. Varcity was born at the intersection of that belief and a growing appetite across the country to learn as a lifelong initiative. Varcity provides residential living directly affiliated with universities that eliminates generational separation and reinvents campus life. Its longevity-based communities are at the forefront of reinventing the senior living paradigm, using real estate development to create the proximity that allows purpose, community, and belonging at every stage of life.

What is intergenerational living?

Intergenerational living – communities comprised of people of different ages doing life together – is a solution that meshes generational experience and knowledge with youthful energy and exuberance. There are many benefits to intergenerational living, including reduced social isolation, improved mental and physical health, increased sense of community, and shared learning and experiences. Intergenerational living creates diverse and equitable environments, fostering meaningful conversations on how older adults’ life experiences and knowledge can enlighten younger generations, as well as what students can offer older residents.

How does Varcity’s intergenerational living model differ from similar concepts?

Today’s boomers have no interest in “retiring” and the vast majority of traditional senior living communities have fallen out of favor with the next generation of older adults. In response, Varcity created a new era of university partnerships with unrivaled differentiation that addresses the future of aging in America. Varcity only builds with the Collegiate Intergenerational Centers of Excellence (C-ICE) model, which lays out rigorous longevity, healthcare, academic, programming, and diversity requirements. Some components of this model include: the development must be located on or within one mile of campus, exclusive branding and affiliation rights, therapy programs driven by university students, and lifelong learning programs domiciled inside.

One of the more compelling features of Varcity communities is the commitment to focus on health span, not just lifespan. Each resident has the opportunity to take a longevity test upon move-in that measures their chronological age against their current physical age. That test is repeated annually to show that the thoughtful design of the Varcity physical environment, nutritional planning, and the social structure are all increasing the number of quality years lived for residents.

Where are Varcity intergenerational living environments located?

Varcity differs from other existing university living concepts in that its residential-over-retail environments are located within one mile of university campuses. Our full affiliation with each university allows for resident access and integration into the university ecosystem that no other senior living community can offer. Varcity at Purdue University is under development in the Discovery Park District of the Purdue campus and will open in 2026. There are several other locations in the planning stages with Big Ten and SEC schools across the country.

How does Varcity’s intergenerational living model benefit universities?

Varcity is a true P3 model that leases land from universities without any financial contribution from the school. Benefits university systems have reported include increased cash flow from under-performing real estate, increased alumni engagement, part-time and full-time jobs for students, increased endowment, and internships for students. Additionally, intergenerational learning has a positive impact on the physical health, psychological development, and social participation of younger and older students. Varcity is a catalyst for having healthy age diversity within universities.

What are the amenities and activities offered in Varcity communities?

Student ID? Of course. Creative studio? We can’t wait to show you what that is and how to use it. Varcity provides residential-over-retail amenities and services to minimize distance and maximize community. Residents have access to a variety of educational opportunities, student facilities, and amenities to challenge and inspire them for years to come. The ground floor of Varcity communities is specifically designed for interaction with students, faculty, and the larger community, including space for group meetings, art exhibitions, intergenerational engagement, and more. Residents of Varcity have the opportunity to walk or exercise on expansive green spaces; and play on professional-grade pickleball courts; and enjoy food truck courts, outdoor amphitheaters, lecture halls, coworking spaces, and creative studios. Residents can also attend university sporting events and student recitals, visit multiple on-site restaurants, participate in personalized fitness programs, and many other favored amenities.

What learning opportunities do residents have in Varcity communities?

Just like in college, students have the choice to engage intellectually as much or as little as they’d like. While living in a Varcity community, residents are offered daily opportunities to collaborate with the university on research, teaching, student internships, and service opportunities. Residents can have the opportunity to audit lecture courses free of charge. Varcity residents are also given student ID cards with access to university facilities.

What opportunities do residents have to interact with students?

Varcity residents are granted access to university resources, and they will have ample opportunities to take classes with, work alongside, and mentor students with similar interests and career aspirations as their own.

What does the future look like for Varcity?

Varcity is developing communities on Big Ten and SEC campuses with plans to expand onto many other Power 5 universities in 2024 and beyond.