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Traditional senior living is over the hill.

This is ageless living.

varcity at The Crossroads

123 N. First Street
Omaha, NE 73894

We’re located at 72nd and Dodge adjacent to the University Campus. Yes, that 72nd and Dodge. For hundreds of years of rich history, it’s the intersection where Omahans have celebrated National Championships, advocated for civil liberty and circled up to celebrate. And the property? Well, we listened to you. We spent time listening to residents who built their lives in Omaha over the decades past and buil __________t. Let’s just say that some people never get to vacation in a place this purposeful, but you get to live here. Imagine a daily itinerary that includes: hitting the gym, taking a swim in the indoor pool, chef-driven cuisine, attending art exhibits and lectures in the Learning Studios, and maybe even taking a college course. All that’s missing is a postcard! And here’s the clincher: we believe every person should live this well, regardless of age or ability. Whether you need help with your pickleball backhand or help with physical therapy or medicine management, you can feel confident our team smiles and embraces every opportunity to serve. Traditional senior living is over the hill. This is ageless living.

Just blocks away from Memorial Stadium is a community designed by locals who had a vision to bring a world class living environment to our city and a strong partnership with one of the best education and athletic fan bases in the country. The result has topped even their own high expectations. Here, older adults learn, mentor, dance, laugh, and make friends. Is it something in the Lincoln water? No, it’s varcity’s fresh perspective on ageless living.

We believe every life, regardless of age has tremendous value to offer, which is why we surround our residents with team members who will fast become friends. They’ll live on campus in one of the most progressive, purpose built residential environments in Lincoln.. We’re at Vine Street, just south of ________________. And just next door, close enough to golf cart but far enough for peace and quiet are the mighty men in red and the best volleyball team in America. Varcity is like a victory lap. It’s living at the University of Nebraska brings with all of the benefits and energy that come with a partnership with a nationally ranked institution.

It gets better. We believe that every person deserves the chance to excel and age well, so we offer a full spectrum of care. If needs arise in the years to come, all of our team members are NIDE (National Institute of Dementia Education) certified, which is a mouthful to say, but simply means that our team members are prepared and qualified to interact with you or your loved one as a unique human being, not a case study. Come visit us. You’ll see that life is just better here.

varcity at Univerity of Nebraska

123 N. Second Street
Lincoln, NE 68588

varcity at Purdue University

123 N. 52nd Street
Lafayette, Indiana 66523

Cast aside all of your preconceptions about senior living. We did when we created ageless living at varcity at Purdue. Everything here – and we mean everything—is geared to making this part of your life the new beginning of a grand adventure. At a place where you daily have the opportunity to add value to the community around you regardless of age. With a community concierge team who are more than just team members—they quickly become friends, dedicated to your serving your every need. (How many friends can you say that about?) Where you can engage in your passions every day, without distraction. Pickleball? You bet. Walkable neighborhood? 100 acres of it. We’re located in the heart of the Purdue campus on __________ Road, just minutes from shopping, restaurants, houses of worship, and a golf cart’s drive away from the _____________ airport. The property itself offers a ____________________, a ________________ and a __________ that are all nestled within the larger Provenance development on the ______ side of campus. It’s a modern setting with a home-like feel. here’s a large veranda with courtyard views. And at night, you can even gaze at the stars from your own, private rooftop terrace. Trust us, everyone’s going to look forward to visiting grandma and grandpa’s house.

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